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The New Generation
Espresso Equipment.

Design, Complex architecture, Perfect espresso
Innovation, Indirect heating, Fresh water all the time, Higher performance, Easy washing, Reduces expense by decalcification
Presicion, RTD platinum, High performance temperature sensor, 2000 ohms, Greater sensitivity in temperature changes, High precision and durability
Power, Controllable high power resistors, Short recovery times, Submerged in distilled water removes calcification and high maintenance costs.
Security, Safety thermostats only in case the system requires it.
Accents the aesthetics of the bar, Modern design, Highlight in bar.
Friendly operation, Touch screen capacitive, 7 "touch sensitive, Illuminated waterproof buttons, Digital pressure control slider.
Remote control APP, Connect to multiple machines, Obtain usage statistics, Check machine status in real time, Exchange files from Profiles