Esprofesso is the professional equipment to make espresso, thoughtfully crafted thinking in every detail. It is the tool that helps the barista to potentialize its abilities and knowledge about coffee to extract the beans attributes, and makes possible to show all the work done by the producer and the roaster in the taste of a cup of coffee. It’s the perfect allied to any coffee bar, thanks to our patent pending design, it reduces significantly the cost of maintenance by offering decalcification of the boilers without the need to disassemble the equipment or a specialized technician. Our self-developed program runs through an operating system connected to our cloud in order to provide constant updates.

Esprofesso is the first system designed and manufactures by a barista, in a coffee producer country: Mexico. We have more than 20 years of experience in espresso equipment maintenance and repair, plus several coffee bars and three brands of coffee shops. We develop, manufacture and distribute coffee supplies and hold a barista champion award.

The goal: create an expresso equipment that can accomplish the basic needs of current machines: stable temperature and variable pressure, plus where you can profile and record an extraction in a simple way, so when the profile is no longer synced with the parameters you are able to make the change at an instant, and take control of the extraction, generating better espressos and less waste.

We work with global brands recognized in the market for their quality and durability. Esprofesso has been designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in the most visited border town of the world Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, for a global market.

At Esprofesso we are passionate about coffee and our craft, we work as a family and all of the decisions are taken as a group. Programmer, technicians, baristas and engineers share their experiences and knowledge to develop this new generation system.

Our name, Esprofesso is a compound word, from the Latin word Ex professo (with intent or on purpose) and Espresso (coffee beverage that is obtained through an espresso machine), it eludes to the knowledge, experience and passion we all have for the coffee industry engrained in every system we manufacture.

Our goal is that our handcrafted equipment, with innovative technology and design become the heart and soul of each and every one of the coffee bars of our customers.